Volumes 3&4 – The new breed! Plus, hear a sneak peek!

Smashingly pleased to announce the lineup for Volumes 3&4 of our series! We’ll be releasing the collection in October, but hey – right now you can check out this song by The Fatal Flaw, covered by the intrepid Hey Now, Morris Fader! It’s called “The Last Cassingle”, and it’s awesome.


Cask Mouse covers Ruby Rose Fox!
Ruby Rose Fox covers Lovewhip!
Lovewhip covers Streight Angular!
Streight Angular covers Cask Mouse!
Hey Now, Morris Fader covers The Fatal Flaw!
The Fatal Flaw covers Spirit Kid!
Spirit Kid covers Count Zero!
Count Zero covers Lifestyle!
Lifestyle covers The Daily Pravda!
The Daily Pravda covers Future Carnivores!
Future Carnivores cover Eldridge Rodriguez!
Eldridge Rodriguez covers Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling!
Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling covers Hallelujah the Hills!
Hallelujah The Hills covers Joe Turner & The 7 Levels!
Joe Turner & The Seven Levels cover Vary Lumar!
Vary Lumar covers Velah!
Velah covers Munk Duane!
Munk Duane covers Muy Cansado!
Muy Cansado covers Dave Crespo’s After Party!
Dave Crespo’s After Party covers The Rationales!
The Rationales cover Mary Lou Lord!
and Mary Lou Lord covers Hey Now, Morris Fader!

Holy kitties! We’ll be announcing the release dates and show lineups very soon – stay tuned or follow us on facebook!

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