We’re pleased to present a small sampling of what makes the BDB series just so kickass – an example of a song from our compilation paired with the original track…

Here’s the R&B/Funk/Dance band Miss Fairchild performing their sweet jam “Trainwreck”:
Miss Fairchild: “Trainwreck”

And here’s sophisti-glam rocker Gene Dante covering the same song for Boston Does Boston:

See what we mean? Except the compilation does this 26 times. Every band puts their own spin on a great tune. Some of the feedback we’ve gotten from the artists? Well, we won’t name names, but let’s leave it that we’ve heard “this is better than my version” as well as “we like our version better than the original.” Not the same song, of course.

We live in a try-before-you-buy world, so no need to take our word for it – have a listen to this collection for yourself. Buy a few favorites, or pick up the whole double album – all the money goes to the !



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