The Boston Globe spins for BDB – by Luke O’ Neil
“Just as Freezepop channel Parks’ classic pop-songwriting style into their own aesthetic, the next track finds Parks applying their own formula to Beatlesesque songwriter Corin Ashley — it’s like a constantly unfolding telephone game of inspiration.”The Herald heralds Boston does Boston’s arrival – by Jed Gottlieb
“There are so many gems on the discs, it begs the question, will there be more?”

Some Vanyaland puppy love for BDBV1&2! – by Michael Marotta
“There are some odd — read: awesome — pairings, like hard rock dudes Black Thai covering synthpop luminaries Freezepop, and some expected unions, like young Padawan Parks taking on Jedi melody master Corin Ashley.”

The Metro sinks its claws into Boston does Boston! Mrowr… – by Alexandra Cavallo
“In a nod to the spirit of Boston Does Boston (and because we just thought it would be fun) we polled some of the participating artists to find out who — living or dead — they’d love to hear cover one of their songs…”

The Dig previews the weekend’s events! – by Tom Kielty
“That big, fun, awesome project became Boston Does Boston, Vols. 1 & 2, a double album of 26 Boston-based acts playing and recording covers of each other’s songs to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston. In addition to curating the record, Dunn has organized release shows at Brighton Music Hall and Great Scott on December 13th, 14th, and 15th”

Redline Roots collars BDB founder for flea bath and interview – 
“…a crazy and amazing idea…lets get a bunch of these bands that I love and am friends with to cover each others songs and then donate the proceeds to a good cause.”

“There’s no way you can listen to this and not find one band that you desperately want to hear more of.”
BDC WIRE becomes a cat toy for BDB – by Jonathan Donaldson
“If the lure of music is not enough, “Boston Does Boston’s” proceeds will benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which Dunn calls “practically an angelic organization.” Makes sense since this whole thing started with his cat.”WMFO Tufts Radio Blog tunes in to Boston does Boston – by Jo Ellen
“Boston’s music scene covers a lot of ground, and this compilation will introduce listeners to more than a couple of bands you’re better off knowing about.”

Daykamp Music spends a couple lovely hours with us! Actual 26 song-by-song review
“Yeah, so this is great. All you have to do now is download this thing and enjoy it yourself. ”

Clicky-Clicky Music Blog spreads the love
“Besides the production costs of the CDs, everything else related to making Boston Does Boston happen was donated — right down to the studio time, the art and the mastering — which is pretty wonderful, and speaks to the kindness in the music community in our fair burg.”

BDB meets Bishop and Rook, runs off with rook in teeth
“The idea continued with the production of CDs and CD release parties, giving all profits to The Animal Rescue League of Boston, where countless dogs, cats and other animals are given a second lease on life after being rescued from streets or abusive or negligent homes.”

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