The digital version of Boston Does Boston is now on sale! Pick up a copy, treat yourself to nearly two hours of great new music, and benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston!

CD SETS NOW AVAILABLE – Two disc set while supplies last, shipping based on location.

The 26 digital download tracks are available for $1 each,
or $15 for the whole collection!

The track listing:


1.“Get Away” – Township covering Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents 03:27
2.“Bright” – Will Dailey covering Reverse 03:09
3.“True Star” – Reverse covering I, Pistol 03:08
4.“Amylee” – I, Pistol covering The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library 02:37
5.“A Madness To His Method” – The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library covering Gene Dante & the Future Starlets 05:02
6.“Trainwreck” – Gene Dante & The Future Starlets* covering Miss Fairchild 03:44
7.“Costumes” – Miss Fairchild covering Mr. Vertigo 03:06
8.“Sleeping Alone” – Mr. Vertigo covering The Field Effect 05:11
9.“The Sun Shines” – The Field Effect covering Sidewalk Driver 03:10
10.“Straitjacket” – Sidewalk Driver covering The Luxury 03:34
11.“Infinity Minor” The Luxury covering Ted Billings 05:16
12.“Celebrate” – Ted Billings covering Garvy J. 03:38
13.“Pavement Prophet” – Garvy J. covering Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins 04:36


1.“Rian” – Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents covering Township 04:15
2.“No God in Massachusetts” – Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins covering Dead Cats Dead Rats 03:30
3.“On Fire” Dead Cats Dead Rats covering The Lights Out 02:26
4.“Atom Bomb” – The Lights Out covering Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys 03:29
5.“The Ladder” – Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys covering Black Thai 03:54
6.“Less Talk, More Rokk” – Black Thai covering Freezepop 06:28
7.“Sweater Weather” – Freezepop covering Parks 04:43
8.“Badfinger Bridge” – Parks covering Corin Ashley 04:25
9.“Marigold” – Corin Ashley covering The Curtain Society 04:24
10.“Birds Fly Information” – The Curtain Society covering Here We Just Dream 03:43
11.“The Most Beautiful Thing” – Here We Just Dream covering Sarah Blacker 03:30
12.“Whiskey” – Three Day Threshold covering Nemes 02:48
13.“Kindness” – Nemes covering Will Dailey 03:51

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